Helen Armstrong

Stressed out? Burnt out? Overwhelmed?

Perhaps you feel like you’re only just coping, and would like to develop more resilience to help you manage all the things you have in your life?

Life’s been really hard lately and it seems to be going on forever. If the pandemic situation seems to have amplified the problems and issues in your life that you can normally cope with, perhaps this would be a good time to slow down and reflect.

I can help you explore the roots of your problems and understand how they impact you in your daily life, so you can get more ease in your body, mind, heart and life.

Working with me will give you the space and support to explore your life experiences and help you understand the patterns at the roots of the issues that affect you.

Life change: I worked in public services for 20+ years, and discovered mindfulness in 2014 having been through a period of huge personal difficulty and change. Mindfulness transformed how I experience my life and led to a late career change and training to become a psychotherapist.  I practice mindfulness meditation every day and that helps me keeps my feet on the ground so I am able to do this work.


I have trained at the Karuna Institute, have an MA in Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy and am accredited with the UKCP. I am in regular supervision with a Core Process supervisor and work within the UKCP’s ethical code.


You are welcome, whatever the reason that brings you here. I am particularly interested in working with people who are affected by some of the big issues that shape our lives and identity:

*birth and adoption – how we come into the world and our early experiences profoundly shape our lives in more ways we can imagine

*moving through the world as a black, asian, or minority ethnic person of colour is complex, and being of mixed racial heritage can create additional feelings around loss and belonging

*LGBTQIA+ coming to terms with our sexuality as a lesbian or gay man, or recognising our gender identity can be difficult at any time of life, and coming out to others can turn our world upside down

*eating disorders and other addictions can be a response to the difficulties we find ourselves in

Working with me will give you the space and support to explore your life experiences and help you understand the patterns at the roots of the issues that affect you.

Group Work

I have experience in working with groups, including co-facilitating a group in meditation and inquiry for a year. Since 2015 I have worked with individuals and groups to overcome the barriers that get in the way of achieving goals, using an adapted ‘Immunity to Change’ process.


Working with me

It is important that in being with me you feel heard, met and attended to with kindness.

Sessions are weekly for a fixed period of time or on an open ended basis and I charge £65.00 per session. I also carry some spaces at a lower cost so if affordability is a barrier I would be happy to discuss this with you.

Next steps: If you would like to meet me it’s helpful if we can have an initial chat on the phone, and arrange a time for a 30 minute conversation / consultation. There is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have about the therapeutic process and the way I work, and for me to find out a little bit more about what is going on for you at the present moment.

It’s important that you get the right therapist for you and this step will help you choose.

If we decide to go ahead and work together we’ll commit to six sessions in the first instance and then review where we are going after that.

I am looking forward to meeting you

Contact me

Please text or call 07853 942998 and leave a message

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Where to find me

I am based in Penylan, Cardiff. There is parking available and I am close to a bus route.