Core Process Psychotherapy (CPP) is a mindfulness based, psycho-spiritual approach to therapy. It begins from the premise that awareness is fundamentally healing. The practice draws from both Buddhist and Western psychological traditions and is firmly rooted in the understanding that at the ‘core’ of each of us lies the potential to connect more deeply with our inherent health and wisdom. This potential is co-created and realised through a therapeutic relationship which is deeply grounded in mutual trust and respect.

This relational process of bringing wise and compassionate attention to ourselves and different aspects of our being that are hidden, wounded or hurting, allows us to cultivate a different relationship with our experience; one in which we can see ourselves more clearly and increase our capacity to move towards the challenges of life (and death) in a more resourceful way.

It is an approach that focuses on the intrinsic nature of well being and does not seek to pathologise or over-identify with any particular psychiatric condition or diagnosis.

Therapeutic work can be for an agreed time period or on an open-ended basis, with the aim of enabling you to improve your life and live it more fully.