Sandra Lloyd-Williams

I combine my work in traditional Chinese Medicine with my training in psycho-spiritual psychotherapy and naturopathic nutrition. This brings a different dimension to my acupuncture practice.I aim to help my clients restore communication between their mind and body and bring themselves closer to the experience of wholeness and connection to inherent health.

In my style of acupuncture it is not only the needle that facilitates the healing process. I nurture a safe and trusting relationship between myself and a client so that we are both actively engaged in the healing work.I may use meditation, visualisation, breathing, nutrition and psychological insight as adjunct tools of healing.

Acupuncture is recommended for treating a wide range of conditions and symptoms of chronic pain and ill health.The British Acupuncture Council website provides information about acupuncture, that may be useful for you, particularly if you are new to this therapy. It includes research based fact sheets for over 60 health conditions that you are free to browse. You can take a look here

I see symptoms such as depression, anxiety, migraine and chronic pain as signs of a greater imbalance in life. For me, acupuncture is less about fixing ailments and more about recognising its potential as a tool of transformation, to support a real change in the quality of life and way of being in the world.

Cost of sessions

If you would like to explore how acupuncture could help you, I offer a free 30 minute consultation free of charge, with no obligation

Initial consultation £65 (1 1/2 hours)

Subsequent Sessions £45 (1 hour)

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